Brutal rules of Genghis Khan


Beat the first and never stop halfway - this is the law of the nomads. What can you learn from a ruthless conqueror, but the greatest ruler of ancient times?

Several years ago, Chinese scientists confirmed the hypothesis that on the planet Earth a lot of descendants of Genghis Khan. The scientists sequenced the genome of the direct descendant of Genghis Khan. The descendants of Genghis Khan are every 200 men on Earth. Is it possible that the blood of one of the greatest conquerors of the planet flows in you?



The founder and the first great Khan of the Mongol Empire, Temujin Chinggis Khan, lived, fought and ruled in the 12th-13th centuries.
Genghis Khan united the tribes conquered many lands, and his empire was the largest in the history of mankind.
His name aroused fear in the hearts of the enemies, and the troops swept everything in their path.
Genghis Khan had 26 wives, 2,000 concubines, and the number of children is not known.

Genghis Khan was a worthy descendant of his time.
He was cruel, ruthless and crafty.
Genghis Khan walked with fire and sword through the lands of all the neighbors.
But you can not take from him the presence of unbending will, organizational abilities, self-control, and purposefulness.

Beat the first and never stop halfway - this is the law of the nomads.
But there are many other useful tips from the times of Genghis Khan.
What can you learn from the ruthless, but the greatest ruler of ancient times? Let us recall quotations and statements of Genghis Khan.

Brutal rules of Genghis Khan

1. "You are afraid - do not do, do - do not be afraid, you will not do - you will perish!"
Temujin Genghis Khan

The great commander Genghis Khan always walked to the end. If there are a plan and dreams, then we need to implement them. You can not always be afraid and reinsured. We spend too much time on meditation and doubt. When it's time to act, be like the fearless nomads. Boldly move forward with a fury in the veins. Never, do not be afraid of anything and nobody.



2. "It is better to be the last among the wolves than the first among the jackals."
Temujin Genghis Khan

You have to choose your life with whom to vomits, make friends, work and relax. In this case, it is important to make the right choice. Do not be among the jackals, when you are among the wolves. Always strive for better, stronger and more real people. Do not be afraid that they will not accept you. Accept, if you really want this. With strong people, you will grow up, and the jackals will be dragged to the very bottom.



3. "Among peaceful civilians, be as quiet as a small calf, and during the war throw yourself into battle, like a hungry hawk rushing to the wild."
Temujin Genghis Khan

Strong people are not wasted on trifles. They do not do stupid things, they do not look for troubles and conflicts in everyday life. When you have goals and plans, you should not waste yourself on trifles. Ignore complaints, criticism, ridicule, gossip and other impartial attacks of weak people. Paying attention to every little thing, you will never reach the goal. But when it comes to "fighting", then rush like a hawk into a fight.


4. "I am the Lord's punishment. If you have not committed deadly sins, the Lord will not send you a punishment in the person of me! "
Temujin Genghis Khan

Be a 100% man. You're not a toy or a boy, but a warrior. When it comes to serious things, be purposeful and persistent. Sweep, like the Mongol cavalry, all obstacles on the way to the goal. They can be any. Starting from a career and ending with a love sphere.


5. "In a hop, people do bad things, they kill and quarrel. Wine keeps a person from what he knows, and from the arts that he possesses, it becomes a veil or a barrier in his way and for his work "
Temujin Genghis Khan

Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, laziness, computer addiction - the most common modern bad habits. Every bad habit distances you from the goal and the dream. They become insurmountable obstacles. Do not build yourself unnecessary obstacles and walls. You already have enough lines to overcome.



6. "You can repeat anywhere in any place, in the evaluation of which three sages agree, otherwise you can not rely on it"
Temujin Genghis Khan

Watch your language and words. Many modern people are used to talking and talking too much, but not you. A real warrior can give an answer for each of his words. He does not talk all the time, but his words are not a simple sound.



7. "Nothing is valuable in travel as the knowledge of new people and the admiration of unexplored places"
Temujin Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan swept through the neighboring lands and conquered many nations. But he was always attracted by other countries and people. One of the main joys of life is traveling. They will expand the horizon and understanding of life itself. This is something that will teach you to perceive everything differently. Unfamiliar countries, cities, culture, traditions, people. Time is measured by successes, events, and travel. This is what you will remember.



8. "Looking at the horse's faces and people's faces, on the boundless live stream raised by my will and rushing to nowhere along the crimson sunset steppe, I often think: where am I in this stream?"


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