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This detail did not feel that this is also very good haha! The After painting looked a little distressed myself ... pick the colors are more beautiful! It looks good! The It's too hot! The

Updated June 25
The beauty of the third dancer!




Half a day time finally finished! The There is still a lack of! Love her a red dress, softly mixed with a strong, even if all things worry, I just want to dance again! The The
2016 ¡¤ 7 ¡¤ 28


Updated August 15th
A Yan a prime




Mary Cassatt The Sisters Oil Painting Reproduction


by Mary Cassatt reproduction



Gustav Klimt The Kiss Oil Painting Reproduction


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In fact, there are many very wonderful picture of the time, but there is no need to show up. Everyone laughed (cheap laugh).
Later, when they are still able to draw the painting when the occasional painting.
But with the development of science and technology, ah, the game ah, the film ah, the US drama ah into the life, the free time to take away from the painting is even more left.
Until then I seriously "the moon and six pennies" read it again. All of a sudden that:
I want to paint!

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So pick up the side of the pen and paper began to tender painting. Received the influence of the master, he is very want to learn oil painting.
Ask some people who will paint the oil, they can start from the sketch, and then try the water powder, and finally began to oil painting.
So with a fun mood and began to paint:






mainly took some of their favorite paintings like to imitate. (Of course the extreme basic skills exposed)


Gustav Klimt The Kiss Oil Painting Reproduction for sale