What is water-soluble oil paint?

Water-soluble oil paints are pigments that can be diluted and washed with water, which removes the unpleasant pungent odor of oil-soluble pigments. Water-soluble oil paints and traditional oil paint pigments in the formula is no different, but one of the linseed oil modifier was modified to have a "hydrophilic." At the same time the two in the vividness, viscosity, humidity, dryness are the same, and the use of the same supporting material and the base, the same obey the "fat cover thin" principle, can be compatible with traditional oil painting medium.

Water-soluble oil paint water is not easy too much, otherwise it may make the color separation into hemispherical. It can also be mixed with oil paints.
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Foreign art supplies on the market there is a fast-drying water-soluble oil paint, the drying degree and the same alkyd resin pigments.

Oil paints Water as a solvent sounds incredible, as long as a little time to adapt to the hydrophilic pigment, water instead of turpentine, you can get a free use of the new feeling.