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A wonderful settlement Peredelkino, finally I went there and even listened to the songs.

The beginning of June, the rain, the performance of Yuri Lores, the house of Bulat Okudzhava, trees, paths, stories ..

The starting point of the "literary" history of Peredelkino can be considered 1934, when, on the advice of Maxim Gorky, the government of the USSR began to build up lands by dachas intended for Soviet writers. In different years Peredelkino was created by writers whose names are known to almost every schoolboy. And those who did not live here constantly, visited the famous summer residents. Among the most famous names - Babel, Pilnyak, Kataev, Ilf and Petrov, Aitmatov, Fadeev, Simonov, Evtushenko, Okudzhava, Akhmadullina, Voznesensky, Kazakova, Pasternak, Chukovsky.

On the territory of the village there are museums of Pasternak, Okudzhava, Evtushenko.Chukovsky.

Our goal is the Okudzhava Museum, on Dovzhenko Street, 11.

Under this canopy, Y.Lores's performance was supposed to take place, but because of the showers the concert was moved to the museum.

Every summer in the Okudzhava Museum there are weekly concerts called "Bulatovy Saturdays"

Hélène Caron art

That's because of the rain, we visited the museum. Free, but for the shooting had to pay money.

A model of Okudzhava monument.

The collection of bells collected by Bulat Okudzhava. And here we listened to songs. It's very cozy and chamber-like.

And more bells.

Yuri Lores is the author of about 500 poems and songs, a member of the Union of Writers and Literature of Russia, a corresponding member of the Academy of Poetry, a director and teacher in the skill of the actor.

To be honest, I did not know this name, it was just a cultural time for the concert, but it was also nice.

I will definitely come here in the autumn to reach the House of Creativity and maybe even get inside, they say it's beautiful, to rustle the leaves, wander the paths, breathe the fresh air.


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Two Poets

   In the photo of 1895, Z. N. Gippius made three inscriptions:

On right:
The date is 29 - 3 - 95 g. 3 hours in the afternoon.
Obviously, Gippius loved accuracy, since even the hour of writing the inscription is indicated.

At the bottom:
.... I'm close to God - but I can not pray,
I want love - and I can not love.

These are lines from a poem written by a poetess a year earlier.


I look at the sea with greedy eyes,
To the ground, chained, on the shore ...
Standing over the abyss - over the heavens, -
And I can not fly to the azure.

I do not know, rebel or surrender,
There is no courage to die, nor to live ...
I am close to God - but I can not pray,
I want love - and I can not love.

To the sun, to the sun of my hand I stretch
And I see the curtain of pale clouds ...
It seems to me that I know the truth -
And only for her I do not know the words.

Fedor Teternikov - from Z.NMG.

Fedor Kuzmich Teternikov is better known under the pseudonym Sologub (1863 - 1927) - is a Russian poet, writer, playwright, publicist. One of the most prominent representatives of symbolism.


By this time belong his poems:

Dreamer, strange to the world,
Always for everyone is a stranger,
Marc Chagall paintings

The reigning idol
He does not serve as a praise.

Someone smoky incense
He burns, sullen and strict,
But the world is not solved
His stern god.

He secretly veiled
Passion their game, -
Sometimes at the grave oars
And gloomy at the feast.

Glow on the top,
Gardens of flowering series
In the glorified valley
He is not amused.

He sees the glade,
Deprived of beauty,
And there he dreams
A silent clock.
July 19, 1894


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