Petersburg artist Cyril Alanne - urban landscape

Golden domes to the sun
Splashes of turquoise color,
Drops of glass windows
In the sky the colors of the northern thunderstorm.

Even the sky in this place is higher,
More places Angels fly
And holy water our roofs,
And rain sprinkled with happiness.
Delicate linden buds,
Brittle branches touch the kink,
Their hearts are green leaflets
We will tie the memory with a knot.
/ Natalia Matveeva Ilina /

Cyril Alanne was born in Leningrad in 1974. He graduated from the St. Petersburg Academic Art Lyceum. B. V. Ioganson. Then he graduated with honors from the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after IE Repin (graphic faculty, workshop VA Vetrogonsky). In 2000 he graduated from the post-graduate course at the Repin State Technical University. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.
1998-2001 - assistant internship at the Academy of Fine Arts.
1993-1996 - solo exhibitions at the Academy of Fine Arts.
1993-2002 - foreign exhibitions are held in Finland, USA, Sweden.
1995-1998 - winner of various student competitions in St. Petersburg.
1997-2000 - Fellow of the Olympic Committee, the City Hall of St. Petersburg, the Union of Artists of Russia.
Frida Kahlo

Self Portrait with Necklace of Thorns
Vyborgsky courtyard. 2000
1999-2095 participation in exhibitions as part of the group "Monologues" St. Petersburg 1999-2002, New York-2002. Imatra, Finland - 2005.
2003-2009 - participation in exhibitions "Russian North", Union of Artists St. Petersburg. 2004 - Petrozavodsk.