Douglas McDougall about the world of ordinary people

They say that deprivation and hardship leave an indelible mark on the person's face. Accordingly, he will be the deepest and brightest on the face of the urban marginals - these people have experienced most of all, and all the sufferings suffered have found their visual evidence in the form of furrows, ruts and gullies formed in labyrinths. These bright tracks took to study the Scottish artist - the schedule of Douglas McDougall, and becoming their researcher, he called himself a geographer. In addition to the actual depressions, he undertook and for the reflection of emotions - that is, psychology was added to geography.





All portraits are written from nature, you can say in the open air. Draws them Douglas McDougall with charcoal on a thin white tissue paper - that is, creates a contour map, as befits a researcher of the continents and seas. Everything corresponds to the profession: objects are studied and documented Michael Cheval art for sale. From the maps, subsequently, a large-scale art project called CitizenScapes is being compiled.

The faces of people without a specific place of residence, more precisely, landscapes, are a real find and an endless source of inspiration, both for the artist and for the geographer. A special way of life left indelible and very individual marks on their faces, because everyone has a story of falling to the bottom. This gives the marginals of uniqueness, a special street color, very brightly reflected in black and white. Already no feelings touch their own soul - as evidenced by the stopped pupils and extinct eyes. Everything is logical - if they had a spark of life in them, they would have risen back into the world of ordinary people. However, the reference point, probably, is in their environment. Logically, they are exactly ordinary people.
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