Spanish artist Ricardo Sanz.



Poltora met years ago in the network wonderful paintings by the Spanish artist named Ricardo Sanz. I really liked them a few moments. First of all manner of execution drew attention. Pure colors, broad strokes, large blue-purple shades color spots, which in some scenes I strongly ceased to vibrate. Nedopisannost like paintings, deliberately left open places underpainting that emphasizes aliveness depicted. Well, the topic of women also took a fancy to me. Let a little passionate sometimes, albeit with some bias in the material bodily, but the artist masterfully conveyed that he cares ...


        Some information from seti.Hudozhnik Ricardo Sanz - was born in San Sebastian, Spain, in the late 1950s, in the family, which was closely connected with the world of art. His grandfather owned a real art galleries and had a friendship with the great artists of his era, such as Zuloaga, Sorolla, Vazquez Díaz. His genuine love for painting and grandfather gave his grandson, who in the judgment of his time, decided to thoroughly understand the basics of art. His very first teacher in the arts was José Camps, an accomplished artist.



Tail to Tail




     Then, after graduating with a degree in History from the University of Deusto, Ricardo Sanz moved to Madrid, where he learned not on the course of art history. In the capital, he became acquainted with a large collection of the Prado Museum, with works of great masters such as Van Dyck, Velázquez, Rembrandt, artists of the 19th century.




      Subsequently, Ricardo Sanz joined the circle of the leading contemporary artists in Spain. Since the portrait and figure were thus that Ricardo interested in painting the most, then later he became acquainted with such artists as Revello de Toro, Torrents Lladó, Macarrón, Vicente Maeso. They have enriched his artistic imagination and spirit, teaching different ways of artistic work at the highest level.





     A little later, Ricardo Sanz lived in Paris, where carried away impressionist painter, love them for their inherent spontaneity and specific flavor. If in the early period of painting Ricardo Sanz dominated spectra of soft gray, purple, lilac flowers, shaped the tastes of the artist under the influence of the characteristic nature of the north of Spain, his home town, then eventually Ricardo moved on to more intense in the colors of the painting, which is of great importance and power of purity of the paint stroke.


        Since 1982, Ricardo many times exhibited in Madrid, Paris and San Sebastian, receiving numerous awards. I will not enumerate them ...


     Many critics of Fine Arts agree that Ricardo Sanz - an artist with a capital letter. Celebrating its feature that is not inherent to all artists - each stroke he puts his soul into every picture has invested part of his life, completely dedicated to the art.


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