You - the best of those that God failed ... Watercolors Lana Khavronenko


You - the best of those that God failed.

He sacrificed bringing peoples and year

You have been faithful to the core,

Of course, if he had it.


He is glad and him, he craves the end ...

Time to stop his crazy rut!

As mortals well happen at least occasionally,

When himself he is doomed for eternity ...


And you - hope, grain, corn,

Great Dreaming of Love ...

You were already a long time,

Ararat to hide in his blood.


God knows you tie mask persons

Features shower owners plots

And threw naked in the middle of the capitals,

To check how you are patient ...


Humbled, knowing that the word - sin

When neiskerennostyu labeled it.

Can not be forced to bring happiness to all ...

Some people are destined to become the third.


What is the sense of the prophets, whenever you are alone

Could cope with impotence goodness!

But someone quietly said: "Go away ...

Fate and was so generous to you ... "


It allowed you to understand

What feelings do not limit the flight

Available to anyone in the courage to dream

And choose from that rock will send ...


And, then, there is no forgiveness rebel.

Hundred of thanks - uchaschemu love.

Said: "Now I give you

What immortality - can not win. "


Forget the name of the people in vanity.

And the next your not blossom flowers.

But who will come to you - trust dream

And happiness will find by accident ... And you ...


Purposed their way serious efforts century

A succession of days seeing the light paradise ...

As a man you could live his life.

But God said, "You are free. Choose."



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