Romance of beauty





It is like a violin on my shoulder.

And I did like the violinist,

To myself I press his hand.

And hair streaming on the shoulder,

How to mute the music ...


It is like a violin on my shoulder.

What does the high violin singing?

What am I - about her? That the flame - a candle?

And the Lord himself that he knows about creation?


After all, the supreme gift of himself does not know.

A beauty - above gifts.

She herself is no effort

And endow a never tired.


It is like a violin on my shoulder.

And its meaning is very complex harmonies,

But heed all and each tormented.

And for her no stranger.


And turn away from strife and care,

We listen in moments of lucidity

That long, slow singing.

And learn it the highest value,

Which themselves do not know.


David Samoilov




Anastasia Hohriakova warm and cold in 2001







Kevin Kibsey La Solista




Scott Andrew Spencer Virtuoso




Nicholas Kozlenko Girl with earring 2008




Jeanne Zutlevitss girl playing the violin.




Alexander Rozhansky High melody.




I - hoarse violin,

To which touch it with a bow,

And the sounds of curl in curly treble clef.

I - tired violin,

Attached prone

On the shoulder of the musician, which will not be back.

I - broken violin,

The one who holds me by the throat

And pulls out the truth, yesterday was quite a stranger.

I - Asleep violin,

No one knows how much it hurts

Throw rattle from the heart to break up with him.

I - hoarse violin,

Breaking the sounds of sadness,

You have not read my story and pages,

And in saying that I know by heart.


author - estrella




Jeno Medvetsky Woman with violin 1968




Andrei Markin Red Violin.




Yaroslav Krutakova Violin.



Bayram Salamov lady in a red hat.




Vitaly Yermolaev Columbine.




Violin sang tart sadness

Diseased an instant beauty.

It is out of the room screaming,

She stepped on his foot.

She screamed in his ear is vulgar,

Assuming that this should be singing.

She whispered something insidiously,

Continuing loud sniffle.

And she said, gasping in pain,

Continued to quietly moan

Dying helplessly on the outside

From the inability to lie.


Tatyana Zhukova



Henri Rousseau paintings

Irene Sheri Harmony thoughts




Andrew Atroshenko Music.




Yelena Mukhina Violin 2000




Michael Cheval Flight unimaginable harmony 2004

by Oil Paintings reproductions

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