Hey ..., Leningrad, St. Petersburg, Petrogradische ....

What was - what will be the fate Let judge,
Before this beauty All is vanity and smoke ...
Tramp and a bully, I walked halfway around the world,
But kneel
Before the city my ...





They're used to the rain. Rain - a part of their lives. Eternal rain. If you want to cry, do not cry. Too much water around. This makes life of St. Petersburg is very strong. They dream about the sun a plane flying to the white sand on a remote beach. And at night they dance in the light of thousands of small, bright, sunlight ... They smile, kiss, play with the city of love ....

Did you get into the city, like an animal in a trap;
Even if it hurts, it will not go away
But once you go out in the night fog
Then you'll see the sky in his handful ....




His Favourite Girl


Everything seems empty and out of place,
Against the background of his words - its ridiculous.
His poems - the country, the era of cast,
In the same town with him born flattering

Here, breathe on the quays wind
- Our North lives in us Incurable -
Wander, silent and long wait for the tide
Water and energy, and many kilometers,

A better - miles offshore; the wide world
Search our earthly reflection,
That will help wash away the taste of losses
In the struggle with each other for the right of reply

And the balance of his mind. cable
Us from birth tied to the door ...
But only the wave that beats to the beach at midnight,
For a brief moment eliminate the issues.
Paul Cordes 26.05.2012



Hey ..., Leningrad, St. Petersburg, Petrogradische .... 9 (panoramic photo)

by Jack vettriano paintings

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