Canyons and Gorges

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Canyons and Gorges

Canyons and Gorges

The Verdon Gorge was formed by the River Verdon, flowing from the Alps. The length of the great and Verdon about 25 kilometers, and the height of the cliffs in some places reaches 700 meters

The gorge is not far from the French Riviera so many tourists come here, where they have popular bike rides and kayak rafting down the river.

Gorge Oneonta Gorge Gorge Oneonta Gorge, located in Oregon
On the high basalt walls of the gorge there are many kinds of ferns, mosses and lichens.

There are also 4 picturesque waterfalls in the gorge.

The canyon is in Arizona. Within it, Lake Powell is located on both sides of the border between the states of Utah and Arizona.

In the canyon the Colorado River flows

Canyon Uvac, Serbia Canyon is formed by the Uva Phillip Austin paintings for sale

c River. Known as the last refuge of endangered birds - white-headed sip.

Gorge El Tajo Gorge, Spain There is a gorge in the city of Ronda.

Once it served as the natural defensive line of the city, and now is its main attraction.

Narrows Gorge Gorge Located in the state of Texas. It is formed by the river Blanco.

The height of the rocks reaches 25 meters.

The length of the gorge is 400 meters

Gorge in the National Park Zion. Its length is 24 kilometers, and the depth reaches in some places 800 meters.

This natural tunnel was washed by the river Virginia and has an unusual color of red and bronze shades.

 Gorge Leutasch Gorge, Austria Throughout the gorge is a tourist path length of about 500 meters.

The same gorge crosses 2 bridges


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