D. Tartini. Sonata "Devil's Trills"

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D. Tartini. Sonata "Devil's Trills"

Giuseppe Tartini belongs to the coryphaeus of the Italian violin school of the XVIII century, the art of which retains its artistic significance to our time.

D. Oistrakh

Biography Tartini - a kind of adventure novel. Parents prepared their son for a clergyman's career, but he goes to university to become a lawyer. Almost independently master violin playing. He studied violin playing with a certain Giulio di Terni, who later studied with Tartini. In these years he is more fond of fencing than the university, and prepares himself f Grace Cossington Smith art for sale

or a career as a fencer. Victory in duels won him the reputation of the most skillful fencer of the town, where he studied law.
According to one of the legends of Tartini, he abducted Cardinal Cornaro's niece and secretly married her. Criminal police of Rome overtook them on the road. Tartini had to flee, and then, on pain of death, secretly make his way to his wife for a meeting. For more than two years, Tartini hid in a monastery under a false name, spending time playing the violin, under the guidance of a monk. His musical vocation was determined there. He returned home as a mature musician. He was mastered by religious sentiments, he became a man internally focused, fully committed to the chosen art. He retired for a while to achieve excellence in the performing arts. And he achieved his goal.
Tartini made a serious contribution to the development of the art of playing the violin. Improved the design of the bow, extending it, and developed the basic methods of conducting the bow, recognized by all modern violinists.
His game was distinguished by its amazing purity, virtuosity, fantastic technique for that time. The unusual sound of his violin was considered the standard.
The composer created a huge number of works. Among them there are about 125 concerts, 175 sonatas for violin and chibalo, "Treatise on music based on true knowledge of harmony" and "Treatise on ornaments" reflecting the musical and aesthetic views of Tartini.

TARTHINI. The Devil's Thrills.

"Devil's Trills" is a violin sonata in G minor. The "devil's trills" themselves are incredibly difficult to perform passages in the final part of the sonata: the soloist must deduce trills on one string, playing fast passages on the other. This sonata is considered one of the most difficult for performers.
There is a legend that "Devil's trills" Tartini wrote in a monastery, where he was forced to hide from persecution. One night Tartini dreamed that the Devil had come to him and played to him an amazing violin sonata. In the morning Tartini jumped up and from memory wrote down the work. So in the world of art there was another legend, as well as the insanely complex and most popular work of the Italian maestro.

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