The American artist George Henry Durrie (1820-1863)

The American artist George Henry Durrie (1820-1863)


George Henry Durrie - American artist whose paintings immediately come to mind when talking about classic Victorian peyzazhe.Do now his paintings are often used for decoration of Christmas cards, plates, boxes, purses, calendars and other cute little things that are bought in a variety of front prazdnikom.Krome winter landscapes, it has a number of rural images, sketches, other than exact representation of the characteristics of life in the middle of the 19th century and carefully drawn detalyami.Dzhorzh Henry Durr was born in Hartford, Konnektikut.V youth self-taught artist wrote portrety.V 1839 he received art instruction from Nathaniel Jocelyn local portrait painter and gravera.Posle 1842 he settled in New Haven, but he made a trip to New Jersey, New York and Virdzhiniyu.Okolo 1850, he began writing genre scenes from rural zhizni.Chetyre art editions were published between 1860 and is being the artist's death in 1863, six additional published posmertno.Ego winter picture reminds a bit of the Dutch zhivopis.Navernoe they look low-key colors, its tranquility, slowly.



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